Friday, October 1, 2010

WEG Eventing Audio Link: Stefano Brecciaroli (ITA)

Stefano Brecciaroli (Italian)

WEG Eventing Audio Links: Michael Jung in German and English

Audio Links:

Michael Jung (German)

Michael Jung (English)


The German team go into tomorrow's Eventing Championship cross-country challenge at the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ with a 14 point lead over their nearest rivals from Great Britain.  Sweden lies third ahead of Australia in fourth but less than 20 penalties separate the top four nations and just 40 penalties, or two jumping errors, separate the top ten teams.

WEG Eventing Elimination: Karim Florent Laghouagh (FRA) is Eliminated on Day Two

France’s Karim Florent Laghouagh, riding Havenir d’Azac, was eliminated when the judges noticed blood in the horse’s saliva.  “It was a hard thing to do, but we must go by the rules,” said Marilyn Payne (USA), President of the Ground Jury.

WEG Eventing Dressage Results: Germany Leads Eventing Heading into Cross-Country

Lexington, KY —Germany’s Michael Jung and La Biosthetique-Sam FBW took the lead today in the Eventing World Championships, presented by Reem Acra, at the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games.  Jung’s score of 33.00 put him in the top spot, while countryman Simone Deitermann, riding Free Easy (36.00), held on to the third spot after leading following day 1.  Italy’s Stefano Brecciaroli, riding Apollo van de Wendi Kurt Hoeve, stands second with a 35.50. 

WEG Eventing Order Of Go: Printable Eventing Order of Go PDF

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WEG Eventing Dressage Results: Going Into Cross-Country

Mark Todd (NZL) warming up Grass Valley (©2010 by Nan Rawlins for Equimage® Media)

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WEG Eventing Nations' Standings: as of Friday

Rank Nation Members Score
M. Jung / A. Dibowski / I. Klimke / D. Schrade 114.30
K. Cook / W. Fox-Pitt / M. King / N. Wilson 128.50
N. Lindbäck / L. Algotsson / N. Jonsson / K. Norling 131.20
S. Griffiths / P. Tapner / S. Tinney / S. Johnson 131.80
S. Brecciaroli / S. Bordone / J. Garcia / M. Biasia 135.90
A. Nicholson / C. Johnstone / M. Todd / C. Powell 138.30
K. O'Connor / B. Davidson Jr. / P. Dutton / B. Martin 140.00
D. Schauly MDL / A. Boiteau / S. de Zuchowicz / P. Leroy 144.40
S. Rhodes-Bosch / S. O'Hanlon / H. Bennett-Awad / K. Carter 147.50
10 BEL
K. Donckers / S. van Hasselt / L. de Liedekerke / C. van Rijckevorsel 148.10
11 IRL
S. Watson / G. Curran / P. Ryan / M. Kyle 155.00
12 JPN
Y. Oiwa / T. Yumira / A. Negishi / K. Sato 170.70
13 RSA
M. Swanepoel / H. Wood / P. Hart / D. Welsh 176.00
14 BRA
R. Fonseca / G. de Faria / J. Sigfrid Martendal / S. Fofanoff 184.80

WEG Reining Results: Individual Reining Final Results

Rank Num Nat Rider Horse Score
1 338 USA
T. McCutcheon Gunners Special Nite 228.00
2 328 USA
C. Schmersal Mister Montana Nic 223.00
3 372 CAN
D. Latimer Dun Playin Tag 222.50
4 341 USA
T. McQuay Hollywoodstinseltown 222.00
5 309 GER
G. Ludwig Hot Smokin Chex 221.00
5 381 AUT
R. Kronsteiner Einsteins Revolution 221.00
7 323 BEL
B. Fonck BA Reckless Chick 220.50
8 373 CAN
S. Sapergia This Chics On Top 218.50
8 310 GER
S. Rzepka Doctor Zip Nic 218.50
10 378 GBR
D. Allen Don Julio Whiz 218.00
10 324 BEL
A. Poels Whizdom Shines 218.00
10 355 AUT
M. Mühlstätter Wimpys Little Buddy 218.00
13 329 AUS
W. Backhouse Whizs Bronze Star 216.50
14 300 BRA
W. Teixeira SJ Rodopio 216.00
15 377 GBR
L. Rutter Setting Off Sparks 215.00
16 313 NED
R. Young-van Osch Burnt Starlight 214.00
17 360 SWE
F. Thomsson Gallos Stylish Star 213.50
18 319 ITA
S. Massignan Yellow Jersey 213.00
19 331 NED
H. Heule Crome Shiner 211.50
19 375 AUS
M. Larcombe Top Prize Prince 211.50
21 345 USA
S. Flarida RC Fancy Step 207.50

WEG Reining Photos: Individual Championship Highlights

There were so many wonderful images of the Reining Competition.  Hope you enjoy this handful of  Individual Reining World Championship highlight images grouped by rider.  If you are interested in obtaining copies of any reining images please contact us at

Brazil's Wellington Jesus Teixeira and Si Rodopio

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WEG Reining Team Final Results:Tom McCutcheon (USA) and Gunner's Special Nite Take Reining Gold

Tom McCutcheon and Gunner's Specal Nite slide to WEG Individual Gold in Reining (©Nan Rawlins for Equimage® Media)
All week long the World Reining Championships have been a huge hit with the crowds that packed the Alltech Arena.  Filling the arena with whoops, whistles, stomping feet and screams of support and waving flags,  the crowds supported their favorites. As the knowledgeable crowd cheered U.S. reiner Tom McCutcheon rode Gunners Special Nite, the 6-year-old American Quarter Horse stallion, to a score of 228 and the Individual FEI Reining World Championship, presented by John Deere, held as part of the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games.