Friday, October 1, 2010

WEG Reining Photos: Individual Championship Highlights

There were so many wonderful images of the Reining Competition.  Hope you enjoy this handful of  Individual Reining World Championship highlight images grouped by rider.  If you are interested in obtaining copies of any reining images please contact us at

Brazil's Wellington Jesus Teixeira and Si Rodopio

Lots more so read on...

Belgiums Ann Poels and  Wizdom Shines:

Austria's Martin Muhlstatter and Wimpy's Little Buddy:

Austria's Rudolph Kronsteiner and Einstein's Revolution:

Germany's Sylvia Rzepka and Doctor Zip Nic:

Canada's Duane Latimer and Dun Playin Tag

 Enthusiastic Dutch Fans:

Belgium's Bernard Fonck and BA Reckless Chick:

USA's Tom McCutchen and Gunners Special Nite:

Italian Fans...

 ... Cheering on Italy's Steffano Massignan and Yellow Jacket:

 Shawn Flarida and RC Fancy Step:

Shawn Flarida Pulls Leather When His Stirrup Leather Fails

Carrying out the broken leather with him.

Congratulations or consolations from his wife.

If you would like copies of any of these images contact Equimage® Media at

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