Monday, September 27, 2010

WEG Eventing: Definite Entries Announced

The 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games have announced the definite entries for the Eventing World Championship, presented by Reem Acra. KC6DDB4KGGAS

Twenty-three countries have submitted definite entries, resulting in 85 riders and 85 horses and a total of 14 teams. 

The Eventing competition will begin with part one of the Dressage phase on September 30 at 9:00 a.m. EDT. Part two of the Dressage phase will continue on October 1, with the Cross Country and Show Jumping phases following October 2 and 3, respectively.

WEG Dressage Results: Day One - Dutch and Germans Have a Great Day

Imke Schellerkens-Bartels  and Hunger Douglas Sunrise Lead Dressage Day 1 (Peter Nixon, Fei)

Dutch riders Imke Schellekens-Bartels and Hans Peter Minderhoud gave the Netherlands a strong lead today over Germany in the Dressage World Championships, presented by Alltech.

WEG Dressage: Current WEG Individual Grand Prix Dressage Rankings

As of 7:43 p.m. the current Dressage Rankings are as follows:

Rank Num Nat Rider Horse Total % Score
1 23 NED
I. Schellekens-Bartels Hunter Douglas Sunrise 73.447 1726
2 25 GER
C. Koschel Donnperignon 72.638 1707
3 5 NED
H. Minderhoud Exquis Nadine 72.255 1698
4 10 GBR
F. Bigwood Wie-Atlantico de Ymas 70.128 1648
5 32 USA
K. Bateson-Chandler Nartan 69.617 1636
6 29 DEN
S. Hansen Gredstedgårds Casmir 69.106 1624
7 28 CAN
B. Trussell Anton 69.021 1622
8 11 FIN
E. Kanerva Sini Spirit 68.851 1618
9 31 AUS
R. Sanna Jaybee Alabaster 68.809 1617
10 27 GBR
M. Eilberg Two Sox 68.213 1603
11 2 SWE
M. Telde Larina - Höm 68.000 1598
12 8 GER
A. Balkenhol Dablino 67.702 1591
13 30 POR
M. Galiza Mendes D´Artagnan 67.489 1586
14 24 ESP
C. Castilla Ruiz Jade de MV 67.319 1582
15 12 CAN
V. Winter Proton 66.681 1567
16 18 USA
T. Flettrich Otto 66.553 1564
17 20 AHO
S. de Klein Prins 32 66.511 1563
18 13 ISR
O. Shimoni Granada 66.298 1558
19 3 BEL
C. Fassaert Donnerfee 66.255 1557
19 21 SWE
P. Kittel Watermill Scandic H.B.C 66.255 1557
21 16 AUS
L. Oatley Potifar 65.574 1541
22 15 DEN
A. Troensegaard Seduc 65.447 1538
23 22 BEL
P. Jorissen Le Beau 64.809 1523
24 19 NOR
C. Kalseth Carte d´Or 64.170 1508
25 26 JPN
Y. Kitai Sig Fairytale 64.000 1504
26 14 BRA
L. Tavares de Almeida Samba 63.574 1494
27 7 ESP
R. Ortiz GNidium 63.021 1481
28 17 LUX
G. Chelius Flamenco R 61.149 1437
29 6 IRL
J. Reynolds Remember 143 61.021 1434
30 9 JPN
H. Kitahara Why Me 58.170 1367
31 4 COL
M. Bernal Halbgott 57.362 1348

WEG Dressage Nations' Rankings: Current Nation's Rankings

Rank Nation Members Score
A. Cornelissen / E. Gal / H. Minderhoud / I. Schellekens-Bartels 145.70
A. Balkenhol / C. Koschel / M. Rath / I. Werth 140.34
L. Bechtolsheimer / F. Bigwood / M. Eilberg / C. Hester 138.34
S. Peters / T. Konyot / K. Bateson-Chandler / T. Flettrich 136.17
B. Trussell / B. Bonnello / A. Holzer / V. Winter 135.70
N. Sayn-Wittgenstein / A. van Olst / S. Hansen / A. Troensegaard 134.55
R. Sanna / B. Parbery / H. Beresford / L. Oatley 134.38
P. Kittel / M. Telde / T. Vilhelmson-Silfven 134.26
J. Devroe / C. Fassaert / P. Jorissen / S. Van ingelgem 131.06
10 ESP
C. Castilla Ruiz / J. Garcia Mena / J. Muñoz Diaz / R. Ortiz 130.34
11 JPN
H. Kitahara / M. Yagi / H. Hoketsu / Y. Kitai 122.17
12 POR
G. Carvalho / M. Galiza Mendes / D. Pinto 67.49
13 NOR
C. Kalseth / E. Farbrot / C. Rasmussen / L. Jebsen 64.17
14 BRA
R. Clementino / L. Tavares de Almeida / M. Alexandre 63.57

WEG Endurance Audio Interview: Maria Mercedes Alvarez Ponton (ESP)

Interview with 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ individual Endurance champion, Spain's Maria Mercedes Alvarez Ponton:

Publish Post

WEG Dressage Audio Interview: Britains Fiona Bigwood

Best British Dressage rider - Fiona Bigwood:

WEG Dressage Audio Interview: Hans Peter Minderhoud Current Dressage 3rd Place

3rd placed Dressage rider, Hans Peter Minderhoud:

WEG Dressage Audio Interview: Imke Schellekens-Bartels (NED)

Interview with Current Dressage Leader - Imke Schellekens-Bartels (NDL)
English interview:
Dutch interview: -

WEG Dressage Audio Interview: Edward Gal (NDL)

Audio interview with Dutch Dressage rider Edward Gal (NDL): 



WEG Endurance: Apologetic Statement from Saeed Al Tayer, UAE Chef de Mission

“The UAE team is thrilled to have won the Endurance team gold medal at the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games and it was a huge honour for the four team members to be presented with their gold medals by HRH Princess Haya, the President of the FEI.

Unfortunately, due to a mis-communication, the team members did not attend the post-medal press conference and for that we apologize. We would have been honored to speak to the media, but we were genuinely unaware that this was standard protocol.

Thanks to the FEI the sport of Endurance has been elevated enormously in the UAE and the proof of that is the gold medal that the team has won here in Kentucky. We have a special love for the State of Kentucky and think of it as a home from home.”

WEG Endurance: HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Just released by the 2010 Alltech® World Equestrian Games...

HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum was engaged on official state business and was regrettably unable to attend today’s individual Endurance medal ceremony at the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™. The silver medal that His Highness won in yesterday’s 160-kilometre competition was collected on his behalf by UAE Chef de Mission, Saeed Al Tayer.

Sheikh Mohammed was riding as an individual and was not a member of the UAE team which won team gold in the Endurance competition.

WEG Endurance Awards: Ceremony and Photos

Today's Endurance Awards Ceremony was filled with smiles all around as Medalist's mounted the podium to receive the cheering of the spectators and the Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals for which they worked so hard and so richly deserved.

Team Gold for the United Arab Emirates (Kit Houghton/Fei)

After their riders finished third, sixth and seventh individually in the Endurance World Championships, presented by Meydan, the United Arab Emirates today accepted their team gold medals in the Main Stadium at the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games.