Friday, May 27, 2011

KHP Cross-Country Schooling Days are Back!

Cross Country Schooling days have returned to the Kentucky Horse Park.  Schooling Days, a fundraiser of the Kentucky Horse Park Foundation, are a fantastic opportunity to school horses on the KHP course. Included in this opportunity are basic to advanced obstacles and "will attempt to mimic problem combinations  that occur regularly in competition."

Each session is $35 per horse and rider, with $20 of the fee considered a charitable donation.  Stabling is available, but not guaranteed, for all schooling sessions.  A $20/day trailer fee or a $75 seasonal trailer pass must be purchased at registration.

Trailer pass applications and advance registration may be downloaded at Or you may register on-site.  For weather information visit the website.

The schedule is as follows for the remaining season:

Wednesday May 15:  Session 1             8am -12 noon
                                   Session 2            12 noon - 4pm

Wednesday June 1:    Session 1            12 noon - 4pm
                                   Session 2            4pm - 8pm

Wednesday June 29:  Session 1            12 noon - 4pm
                                   Session 2            4pm - 8pm

Saturday August 13:  Session 1            8am - 12 noon
                                   Session 2            12noon - 4pm

Saturday September 10:  Session 1       8am - 12 noon
                                        Session 2       12 noon - 4pm

For stabling infomation call 859-259-4219
Seasonal passes may be purchased by calling 859-259-4225
Golf carts must purchase a $50 seasonal or $25 event golf cart license at registration. You may call 859-259-4225.

On-site registration is available