Friday, October 8, 2010

WEG Para Dressage: Facts and Quotes

Facts and Figures:
18 competed in the Grade 1a Individual Test
22 competed in the Grade 2 Individual Test
Great Britain made a clean sweep of the medals in Grade 1a
17 competed in the Grade 1b Test
16 nations competed in the Team Championship

Anne Dunham GBR - "I try not to let the pressure affect me, I simply try to do the best I can.  I've been with Teddy (her horse) for four years now.  He was a naughty boy when he came, but he loves to be a showman!"

Missy Ransehousen , US Chef d'Equipe "We would all have loved to have won a medal, but we had some pretty green riders and we need more exposure to the European judges.  I'm pleased with the way all my riders have ridden".

Britta Napel, GER "That was the spooky version! I am surprised by my score.  I know it was not my best ride and I am a little disappointed, but if I am able to get a medal that is OK".

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