Tuesday, October 5, 2010

WEG Show Jumping: Facts, Figures, and Quotes

Show Jumping Facts, Figures, and a Few Quotes:

The 27 nations competing in the Jumping Championship at the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ is a record for a World Championship.  However there were more riders in the Table C (Speed class) in Aachen 2006 - 126 compared to 121 here in Kentucky.
This is the first time for the Republic of South Africa to compete in the FEI World Equestrian Games™
The defending champions from The Netherlands failed to make it into tomorrow's top-ten medal-deciding second round of the team competition.  The Dutch team finished 15th today.

US Chef d'Equipe George Morris, when asked what advice he will give his riders ahead of tomorrow's competition "to focus on their plan, and stay inside that".

Brazil's Rodrigo Pessoa, talking about the leading rider in the individual standings Saudi Arabia's Khaled Al Eid whom he trains.  "Everyone remembers him from Sydney (Olympic Games 2000).  He is an unbelievable rider with a lot of feeling and he's a very tough competitor.  He has jumped two beautiful rounds and he is a serious competitor - he's ready to go all the way"

Course designer Conrad Homfeld - "there will be no water jump tomorrow". 

Rodrigo Pessoa, when Conrad Homfeld said he would make some adjustments to today's track for tomorrow's competition - "make it one hole down then, not bigger for tomorrow!"

George Morris talking about the performance of the US riders today - "I don't think yesterday affected horses and riders for today's course, we were victim of a couple of mistakes and a couple of light rubs - that's show jumping".

Results :
Team: 1, Germany 17.80; 2, Brazil 18.49; 3, USA18.69; 4, Canada 18.93; 5, France 20.32; 6, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 21.48; 7, Australia 21.87; 8, Belgium 22.70; 9, Sweden 23.18; 10, Great Britain 23.80; 11, Spain 29.28; 12, Ireland 30.54; 13, Switzerland 30.85; 14, Japan 32.26; 15, Netherlands 35.33; 16, Ukraine 37.90; 17, Mexico 43.13; 18, Italy 44.59; 19, South Africa 51.24; 20, Venezuela 56.24; 21, New Zealand 63.36; 22, Turkey 63.37; 23, Poland 64.36; 24, United Arab Emirates 86.86; 25, Hungary Elim; 26, Qatar Elim; 27, Argentina Elim.

Individual: 1, Presley Boy (Khaled Al Eid) KSA 2.20; 2, HH Rebozo (Rodrigo Pessoa) BRA 2.80; 3, Vigo D'Arsouilles (Philippe Le Jeune) BEL 3.11; 4, Corradina (Carsten-Otto Nagel) GER 3.24; 5, Cevo Itot du Chateau (Edwina Alexander) AUS 3.38; 6, Hickstead (Eric Lamaze) CAN 3.39; 7, Chianto (John Pearce) CAN 3.70; 8, Talan (Robert Smith) GBR 3.94; 9, Sapphire (McLain Ward) USA 4.27; 10, AD Ashleigh Drossel Dan (Alvaro Miranda) BRA 4.85.

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