Saturday, October 9, 2010

WEG Para Dressage: Facts, Figures, and Quotes

Facts and Figures:
13 riders competed in the Grade 3 Individual Freestyle Championship today
18 riders competed in the Grade 1a Freestyle Championship
Germany's Hannelore Brenner secured her second individual gold medal of the Championships when topping Freestyle Grade 3

Russia's Maria Zagorskaya, Freestyle Grade 1a - "It took a few days to get used to the horses, but they were good horses that we leased.  We have more complex tests that we normally do, but since these horses were borrowed, we kept it simple.  I've only known this horse for a few days, but I feel that we have made a very good combination together.  the first time I competed the horse in the team competition I had the feeling the horse was walking herself, without direction, as if she knew the track already!".

Kim Decker, USA - "my horse is great, I found him on the internet - dreamhorse,com.  He's a really good boy - easy, and just so loveable.  He's very attentive to me, whatever I ask him to do, he does.  It's so wonderful that there's so many countries together here. It's not just like a usual horse show".
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