Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Lexington, KY, May 17, 2011 – The Kentucky Horse Council (KHC) provides a central coordination point for Kentucky equine rescue efforts to support horses affected by hurricanes, tornados, floods, fire and other natural disasters. KHC has experience responding to equine crisis through the US Disaster Relief Fund and the Save Our Horses (SoHo) Fund.

“Supporting the efforts of other states to address the needs of horses impacted by natural disaster is the best way we can help them recover.  By coordinating fund raising efforts within the state, we enable Kentuckians to show their concern for all horses,” remarked Anna Zinkhon, President of the Kentucky Horse Council.

The Kentucky Horse Council has been speaking with representatives from the Alabama Horse Council regarding the extensive tornado damage and destruction across the state.  The Alabama Horse Council is coordinating efforts to provide feed for those horses affected by the raging storms and they need financial assistance.

Through the US Disaster Relief Fund, the Kentucky Horse Council will purchase hay needed to care for horses that have either been displaced by the storms, or whose owners are unable to care for them as a result of the storms.   

“Several individuals have been going door to door checking on horse owners.  This is a really time consuming task that only reaches a few affected individuals.  The goal of the Alabama Horse Council, at this time, is to organize a means for all affected Alabama horse owners to get the help they need following a standard procedure,” commented Dr. Gary Koepp, Alabama Horse Council Disaster Coordinator.

Currently the Alabama Horse Council is working with the Department of Agriculture and Alabama Extension to identify the best method by which to provide assistance to horse owners affected by the tornados.

When any state needs assistance due to a natural disaster, KHC notifies its members and the Kentucky horse community and begins the process of responding to the needs of the affected horses, typically by purchasing feed which the local response agencies then distributes to affected horses.

For current information or to donate visit www.kentuckyhorse.org/disaster-relief/.

ABOUT THE KENTUCKY HORSE COUNCIL - The Kentucky Horse Council is a non-profit organization dedicated, through education and leadership, to the protection and development of the Kentucky equine community. The Kentucky Horse Council provides educational programs and information, outreach and communication to Kentucky horse owners and enthusiasts, equine professional networking opportunities through KENA, trail riding advocacy, health and welfare programs, and personal liability insurance and other membership benefits.  The specialty Kentucky Horse Council license plate, featuring a foal lying in the grass, provides the primary source of revenue for KHC programs.

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