Thursday, March 31, 2011

Eventing: USEF: Update Regarding USEF Search for Eventing Chef d'Equipe/Technical Advisor By Joanie Morris

Lexington, KY - Following their Committee Meeting on March 29, the Eligible Eventing Athletes Committee decided that they would like to have another opportunity to interview the two short-listed candidates for the position of U.S. Eventing Chef d'Equipe/Technical Advisor, which becomes available in 2013. Leslie Law and David O'Connor were named to the Short List by a Search Committee earlier this month.  The Eligible Eventing Athletes Committee considered the applicants and decided they wanted to do more research before they made their recommendation to the Eventing High Performance Committee. The Eligible Eventing Athletes Committee and the High Performance Training Listed Riders will have the opportunity to meet with and interview Law and O'Connor during The Fork Horse Trials in a closed session to be held in Norwood, NC April 6-10.

Nine applications for this position were received by the USEF. The Search Committee reviewed the applications, and of those, interviewed six. After those interviews, Law and O'Connor were short-listed. The USEF hosted an Open Forum at the Red Hills International Horse Trials on March 10, where Law and O'Connor made presentations and answered questions from the eventing athletes. More information about this forum is available here:

Following the Forum at Red Hills, the Search Committee recommended both candidates to the Eligible Eventing Athletes Committee and the Eventing High Performance Committee for their consideration.

Bobby Costello and Phillip Dutton withdrew their joint application for this position on Monday, March 28. Dutton, as Vice-Chair of the Eligible Eventing Athletes Committee, is now chairing this committee in Amy Tryon's absence.  

"We look forward to another round of interviews with Leslie and David at the Fork," said Dutton. "We want to ask them some more questions in an easier environment for those participating. We are also reviewing other applicants that were not short-listed by the Search Committee and are considering them as well."

The USEF Search Committee for Eventing Chef d'Equipe/Technical Advisor:
Eric Straus, Chair
Kevin Freeman
Mike Huber
George Morris
Katie Prudent
Amy Tryon
Kim Severson

The USEF Eventing Eligible Athletes Committee:
Amy Tryon, Chair
Phillip Dutton, Vice-Chair
Stephen Bradley
Jan Byyny
Buck Davidson
Lauren Hart O'Brien
Becky Holder
Marcia Kulak
Bonnie Mosser
Karen O'Connor*           
Kim Severson

* Recused

The USEF High Performance Eventing Committee:
Robert Costello, Chair
Jane Atkinson
Derek DiGrazia
Phillip Dutton
Mike Huber
Roger Haller
Karen O'Connor*
Marilyn Payne
Kim Severson
Amy Tryon
Jo Whitehouse

* Recused


If you have any questions regarding the process, please don't hesitate to contact Sara Ike at

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