Friday, February 18, 2011

FEI News: Sven Holmberg Speaks about his resignation as FEI Bureau Chief.

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Sven Holmberg avgår från FEI

(2011-02-10 18:00)
Sven Holmberg. FOTO: Robert Solin

Pressmeddelande från Sven Holmberg:
Today I have resigned as Chairman of the Jumping Committee and as Bureau member of the FEI.

My reasons go back more than a year; I did not agree with decisions that were being taken and in many of these cases I openly voiced a different opinion.  Some of the decisions were in fact altered, but after lengthy and very expensive procedures.

More recently the recommendations and advice of the Jumping Committee have been disregarded or dealt with in such a way as to convince me that, for whatever reason or reasons, the Jumping Committee is not respected as the technical advisor on the discipline of jumping.

My heart, my knowledge and my passion are, and have always been, with the sport and I have been seeking to make it grow and develop both at the very top level and also at lower levels outside the core area.  All who know me also know that my dedication is not limited to jumping only but includes all aspects of equestrian sport.

The politics and the power games currently played in the FEI, which unfortunately expanded last year, will not benefit the development of our sport.  I find that in some aspects my integrity is being questioned.  I no longer find it meaningful, or useful, to participate in the politics as a Bureau member.

My passion for the sport, my experience and my know-how will always be there and I will be continuing in my other roles.

Pressmeddelande från FEI:
Sven Holmberg, FEI Bureau Member and Chair of the Jumping Committee, has resigned from both positions with immediate effect.

Mr Holmberg, who became an FEI Bureau Member when he was elected as Chair of the Jumping Committee in 2005, became FEI First Vice-President the following year. He was re-elected as Chair of the Jumping Committee at the 2009 FEI General Assembly in Copenhagen (DEN) and was one of the three candidates that stood for the FEI Presidency last year, when HRH Princess Haya was re-elected to the post for a second and final four-year term.

“Sven has dedicated an enormous amount of time to the FEI in a number of different roles over the past six years and I would like to thank him sincerely for his devotion to horse sport and particularly to Jumping”, FEI President HRH Princess Haya commented. “His deep knowledge and understanding of the sport have benefitted the FEI enormously. I wish him well for the future.”

John Madden (USA), Deputy Chair of the Jumping Committee, takes over as Acting Chair with immediate effect. The position will be filled on a permanent basis at the General Assembly in November.

“I have spoken to John Madden today and look forward to working closely with him”, Princess Haya said. “He is a well respected member of the equestrian community and is well placed to lead the sport of Jumping going forward.”

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