Sunday, October 10, 2010

WEG Vaulting: Facts, Figures, Quotes

Facts and Figures
12 nations competed in the Vaulting Team Championships
The US team made a great recovery today after their routine fell apart due to an anxious moment for their horse, Palatine, in Friday's first Freestyle competition.
The youngest member of the gold medal winning US team was 14 year old Emily Hogye, the oldest was 34 year old Devon Maitozo.

US longeur, Carolyn Bland, talking about the essential qualities of a good Vaulting horse and about Palatine - "the horse needs to be able to carry himself well under saddle so he can do it on a long-line.  I've been working with Palatine for two years - he's not necessarily Arnold Schwarzenegger, he's more of a slimline horse and it has taken time to put muscle on him, but he's really strong now".

Final Team Result - 1 (Gold) USA 8.029; 2 (Silver) Germany 8.010; 3 (Bronze) Austria 7.990.

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