Saturday, October 23, 2010

Jumping: Helsinki: Grand Prix: Christian Ahlmann GER and Taloubet Z Take the Porsche Grand Prix

 Germany's Christian Ahlmann won the 160 centimetres Porsche Grand Prix with Taloubet Z  by a comfortable two second margin ahead of Sweden´s Malin Baryard Johnsson with Reveur de Hurtebise. Vincent Voorn from Holland rode Audi's Gestion Priamus Z to third place in 15 horse second round against the clock.

"My horse is unbelievable, an outstanding horse, and at the moment he is in great form. He is quick jumper and turns easily. It is not difficult at all to do a fast round with him. He really made my job very easy," Christian Ahlmann said.

Malin Baryard Johnsson was last to go and she had seen Ahlmann´s round.  "I knew that I could not beat him, so I had decided to try to be second. That worked, and I am very happy with my result. My horse is only nine years old and feels very promising, she said. The beginning of the second was dramatic. The early riders tried to turn inside a fence after the double. Finland´s Nina Fagerström got unseated in that turn. Robert Smith and Talan also lost their chances there. Christian Ahlmann said that the tight turn was in his initial jump-off plan, which changed after having seen the trouble it caused. "

The Finnish course designer Aki Ylänne had set a tough-enough course, but there were an unexpected number of clears.

"Sometimes the horses just jump well, which is nice," Said Malin Baryard Johnsson, "... but maybe the time allowed could have been a bit tighter.  When I walked the course I did not expect to see so many clears."  "We saw top class sport in the second round,"  added Christian Ahlmann. 

The arena was sold-out and the home audience was ecstatic to see 19-year-old Anna-Julia Kontio  accompany Nina Fagerström (FIN) into the second round. Kontio and her horse Escape had one fence down and the pair was finished ninth.

"This was only our second 160 class so I have to be very happy. The first round went according to plan. In the second round, our jump over the oxer was just not long enough," Anna-Julia Kontio  said.

Results 23.10.2010:

Helsinki Grand Prix, Presented by Porsche 160cm. Two Rounds, 10 best to the second round. Placings 10, starts 36. 1) Christian Ahlmann / Taloubet Z GER 0-0/39,93, 2) Malin Baryard-Johnsson / H&M Reveur De Hurtebise SWE 0-0/42,15 3) Vincent Voorn / Audi's Gestion Priamus Z NED 0-0/43,44, 4) Jessica Kürten / Api Largo IRL 0-0/44,81, 5) Julien Epaillard / Carethago Z FRA 0-0/50,96, 6) Roger Yves Bost / Nifrane De Kreisker FRA 0-4/39,05, 7) Ludger Beerbaum / Coupe De Coeur 2 GER 0-4/41,77, 8) Tiit Kivisild / Cinnamon EST 0-4/46,60, 9) Anna-Julia Kontio / Eafons Escape FIN 0-4/47,75, 10) Niels Bruynseels / Aluna BEL 0-8/40,09, 11) Rik Hemeryck / Cantho Z BEL 0-8/40,67, 12) Robert Smith / Talan GBR 0-8/40,74, 13) John Hickey / Ian IRL 0-8/41,43, 14) Leopold Van Asten / Vdl Groep Quinara NED 0-8/42,95, 15) Nina Fagerström / Talent FIN 0/69,24, 16) Thomas Velin / Grim St. Clair DEN 0/68,09, …20) Mikael Forsten Evli Nandele FIN 4/68,12, Sebastian Numminen Calandro 2 FIN ret.

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