Monday, October 18, 2010

Hunter/Jumper: Cavalor Hall of Fame: Josephina Nor-Lantzman Named Cavalor Show Jumping Hall of Fame Rider of the Month for September

Lexington, KY-October 18, 2010-

Josephina Nor-Lantzman has been named as the Cavalor Show Jumping Hall of Fame Rider of the Month for September.

Nor-Lantzman competes in the West Conference Amateur-Owner division of the Cavalor Show Jumping Hall of Fame Jumper Classic Series aboard Chello Z. The month of September was a huge success for the pair, as they swept first place honors in Series classes held at the Blenheim Fall Tournament and the Showpark All Seasons Summer Classic, earning an impressive 300 points.

With Cavalor's support, the Series honors one rider each month as the Cavalor Show Jumping Hall of Fame Jumper Classic Series Rider of the Month. The honor goes to the one rider who earns the most points on one horse in Series competition that month.

"Josephina has been a dedicated and successful competitor in the Cavalor Show Jumping Hall of Fame Jumper Classic Series for many years," said Lieselot Hamerlinck of Cavalor, Inc. "We are thrilled to honor her with our Rider of the Month award for September."

The Cavalor Show Jumping Hall of Fame Jumper Classic Series saw competition at 12events during the month of September, and will see classes at more than 100 horse shows before the Series culminates in the Year-End Championships at the National Horse Show in November.

The Series hosts separate divisions for junior and amateur-owner riders in two Conferences-the East Conference and the West Conference.  Series standings are used to help determine junior and amateur-owner entries for the National Horse Show.

In the overall standings through September, Lisa Goldman and Morocco led the amateur-owner standings in the East Conference while Reed Kessler and Flight led in the junior division. Josephina Nor-Lantzman and Chello Z led the amateur-owner standings in the West Conference while Lauren Croquenois and Milo Fellini Mia led in the junior division.

The top three horse-and-rider combinations in each division are as follows:
Rider                                       Horse                          Points              Hometown
East Conference amateur-owner division standings:
Lisa Goldman                         Morocco                      1085                Hawthorn Woods, IL
Lisa Goldman                         Centurion B                  705                  Hawthorn Woods, IL
Paige Johnson                         Amagedon 3                510                  The Plains, VA

East Conference junior division standings:
Reed Kessler                           Flight                           770                  Armonk, NY 
Reed Kessler                           Ligist                           690                  Armonk, NY
Samantha Schaefer                 Sugar Ray                    655                  Westminster, MD

West Conference amateur-owner division standings:
Josephina Nor-Lantzman        Chello Z                      860                  Del Mar, CA
Hannah Selleck                       Bauer                        220                  West Lake Village, CA
Chenoa McElvain                   Boritas                        190                  Lemitar, NM

West Conference junior division standings:
Lauren Croquenois                  Milo Fellini Mia           325                  France
Jasmine Wiggins                     Little Milton                 315                  Okotoks, AB Canada
Cayla Richards                        Faustino                     310                  Calabasas, CA

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The Cavalor Show Jumping Hall of Fame Jumper Classic Series is designed to give amateur-owner and junior riders an opportunity to compete at higher levels and serves as a proving ground for many riders who aspire to someday represent the United States in international competition.

Any horse show offering a class that meets all the criteria set forth in the 2010 Show Jumping Hall of Fame Series specifications and has prize money of at least $1,000 is eligible to be part of the Series.

The Show Jumping Hall of Fame was organized to promote the sport of show jumping and to immortalize the legends of the men, women and horses who have made great contributions to the sport.  The Show Jumping Hall of Fame conducts the Show Jumping Hall of Fame Jumper Classic Series, held under Grand Prix rules and specifications. The Show Jumping Hall of Fame has moved from its long-time home at Busch Gardens in Tampa, FL, to the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY.

For more information about the Show Jumping Hall of Fame, including Cavalor Show Jumping Hall of Fame Jumper Classic Series, please visit the Show Jumping Hall of Fame website at

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